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Q: Why Syfort iDesk™?
A:Syfort iDesk™ allows users to separate their regular job from internet surfing. With a double click or hotkey pressed, users can quickly switch from their working environment(Windows default desktop, malware can modify system) to internet surfing environment(secure, the system is well protected against any malware’s attack). or vice versa. It is the only product to provide real time protection of your PC against any unknown malwares attacks.

Q: Is Syfort iDesk™ safe to use?
A: Yes, Syfort iDesk™ runs as demanded. It only writes information to syfort.log and creates memory only registry key, which disappears after system restart. The created secure environment is virtual and in memory.

Syfort iDesk™ seamlessly integrates with the system. You can logoff, restart, power off, standby and hibernate the system without worrying whether Syfort iDesk™ is running.

Q: Does Syfort iDesk™ protects my PC from virus/spyware attack?

Yes, every process inside Syfort iDesk™ is running in least privilege, which cannot hurt your system. In other words, a downloaded virus inside Syfort iDesk&trade cannot modify your system folders and system registry keys/values.

Q: Why Ctrl-Alt-Del always launch task manager in default desktop?

Ctrl-Alt-Del is the hotkey register by Winlogon.exe. Since Winlogon is running in default desktop, it will create task manager in same desktop.

To launch task manager inside Syfort iDesk&trade, right click shell taskbar and select task manager.

Q: Why AutoSwitch to default desktop?

By design, all application inside default desktop are not touched and any of them can call SwitchDesktop etc. to switch to default desktop while you are in iDesk. You can press Win-S to switch back. The way to prevent AutoSwitch is hooking NtUserSwitchDesktop in Kernel. It is not worthy to implement it.