Syfort iDesk™ is the only product to provide real time protection of your PC against any unknown malwares attacks for Windows XP and Windows 2003.

Syfort iDesk™ for Windows XP and Windows 2003 is better than UAC for Windows Vista, which is the most important security enhancement/and the only critical security advance by Microsoft. With Syfort iDesk™, you can go to any website, open any email attachment without worrying about virus entering your system.
Enjoy CyberSpace!                                                                            


March 14, 2009, Syfort iDesk™ v3.20 released.

Remove license restriction.
Add hotkey support for quick switch/exit.

December 07, 2007, Syfort iDesk™ v3.19 released.
New license/trial policy.
Detect/Remove Hidden registry key/value.
Support Windows 2003.

June 08, 2007, Syfort iDesk™ v2.01 is released.
Fixed a hibernate related bug.
Added security policy support.

April 26, 2007, Syfort iDesk™ v1.06 is released.
New Technology!  Syfort iDesk™ provides a better than Vista UAC security solution for Windows XP users.

Why Syfort iDesk™
Neither firewall nor antivirus can provide real time protection:

Firewall is used to block a malware running in your PC sending data to and prevent attacks from outside through network. However, firewall can not prevent Internet browsers(IE etc.) from downloading virus/spyware and can not prevent virus/spyware from installing and running in your PC.

Antivirus software uses signature based technique to remove malware in user's PC. It only protects you from well-known malwares. With so many malwares popping up each day, it can not provide real protection.

Only Syfort iDesk™ provides real time protection:
It provides user two privilege desktops. With a double click, user can quickly switch from high privilege desktop(working) to least privilege desktop(internet). or vice versa.

Why it works
Syfort iDesk™ is based on the rock solid security model. It builds a virtual Limited User Account privilege desktop on top of Administrator privilege desktop.

Comparing with Windows XP fast switch between two privilege accounts, Syfort iDesk™ is much quicker(~1 second) and more convenience(one profile).

With Syfort iDesk™, user can work on Administrator privilege desktop(Non-secure, user or malwares can load driver, run debugger, modify system etc.) and quickly switch to virtual Limited User Account privilege desktop (Secure, neither user nor malwares can modify system) for internet surfing, ActiveX & Java Applet downloading and running, email reading etc. Or vice versa.